16 September 2017 Mass For The Feast of San Gennaro

MASS FOR THE FEAST OF ST. GENNARO - September 16, 2017 @ 11 AM.

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Members of our Order and that of the Royal Order of Francis I are requested to attend the annual Solemn Votive Mass of San Gennaro at the National Shrine of St Gennaro, the Church of the Most Precious Blood, 113 Baxter Street, Little Italy, NYC. Church Mantle for either Order SHALL be worn.

San Gennaoro, the first Bishop of Naples and one of the city's Patrons is the Spiritual Protector of all Neapolitans and the Neapolitan Diaspora. When King Carlo di Borbone freed Naples and Sicily from foreign domination and declared it a sovereign nation, one of his first acts was to create the Order of St. Gennaro as the highest Order of Chivalry of the Two Sicilies. It remains the pre-eminent order of the Two Sicilies and the Royal Family today. 

This is our National Feast Day.