27 January 2017 -- Birthday Wishes to HRH Prince Carlo-Saverio of Borbone-Parma

1/27/17: Our recognized legitimate collateral order, the Sacred Angelic Constantinian Order of St George of Parma celebrates today the Birthday of its Prince Grand Master, HRH Prince Carlo-Saverio of Borbone-Parma, Duke of Parma & Piacenza, Head of the Bourbon-Parma dynasty. He is the eldest son of the late Duke of Parma and Carlist heir, Prince Carlo-Ugo di Borbone-Parma and Princess Irene of the Netherlands. The King of the Netherlands is his first cousin. 

The Sacred Angelic Constantinian Order of St George was recognized as a legitimate collateral Order, having its origin in the Farnese inheritance. Once King Carlo di Borbone was crowned King of Naples and Sicily, he abdicated as Duke of Parma & Piacenza to his younger brother, Prince Filippo. The Order was moved to Naples, but also continued in Parma. In the aftermath of the Congress of Vienna, Treaties were signed by the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Duchy of Parma that recognized the autonomy of the Sacred Military COSG and the Sacred Angelic COSG as separate and independent of the other with GM is the Monarchs of the Two Sicilies and Parma respectively. That relationship has continued.