5 June 2017 -- Remembering Neapolitan Composer, Giovanni Paisiello

6/5/17: Remembering with gratitude the service to humanity of Giovanni Paisiello, proud Neapolitan composer of 94 operas and church anthems who returned to Heaven on this day in 1816. He wrote the original "barbiere di Seviglia" from the one that is better known today. His most enduring legacy is the inspiring, graceful, moving "Inno al Re" - the King's Hymn - the National Anthem of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The "Inno al Re" is played on a regular basis in the area of the Two Sicilies today as an expression of regional pride and to honor the rebirth of the Two Sicilies identity. 

It is generally played in the presence of members of the Royal Family of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and at ceremonies and investitures of the SM Constantinian Order of St George. The Delegate, as representative of the Head of the Royal House, may also be greeted with the Anthem.