22 February 2017 -- The Order Mourns the Death of His Eminence, Desmond Cardinal Connell

2/22/17: The US Delegation, our Prior, His Eminence Cardinal McCarrick and Delegate, Cav John M Viola, mourn the death yesterday of our esteemed confratello, His Eminence, Desmond Cardinal Connell, Archbishop Emeritus of Dublin, Primate of Ireland, Bailiff GC of Justice of our Order and our Chief Chaplain of Ireland. His Late Eminence since 2002 was a strong and visible participant in the life of the Order through the UK-Ireland Delegation. 

A message of sympathy and unity has been extended by the US Delegation to our dear confratelli of the UK-Ireland Delegation on all our behalf and especially by Cardinal McCarrick on the loss of a dear brother of the College of Cardinals.