4 November 2017 HRH Princess Beatrice of the Two Sicilies and Cav. John Viola honored at NIAF Dinner

4 November 2017

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Attending the NIAF Gala accompanying HRH Princess Beatrice di Borbone of The Two Sicilies with confratelli Cav Vincent Viola, Gov Michael Steele, Amb Jim Nicholson, Dama Giosetta Capriati, Joe Schiame, Justin Morin-Carpentier, Joe DelRaso, Former Congressman Mike Ferguson and honoring the Delegate of the SMCSG who ended tonight his five year term as President and CEO of NIAF the largest and most important Italian American organization in the country.

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HRH Princess Beatrice also received the NIAF humanitarian award. Of all the presentations to the captains of industry and the arts, her remarks were the most moving and concise. HRH was the only awardee who received a standing ovation from the capacity crowd of thousands. She is an extraordinary representative of the Royal Family of the Two Sicilies.