HRH the Duchess of Castro recieves the 2016 Jam Vision Award for Peace in Monaco.

6/13/16:  The US Delegation congratulates HRH Princess Camilla di Borbone of the Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro on receiving the 2016 Jam Vision Award for Peace in Monaco.  The presentation was made by Nobel Peace Price Laureate Rigoberta Menchu in the presence of HSH Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco.  The award is in recognition of the herculean efforts of HRH in the area of international tolerance and understanding for all groups especially minorities.  HRH has been in the vanguard of minority protections as well as rights of women and children in conflict areas.  It follows the 2016 Women for Peace Award at the UN in March. at which the Order was in attendance.

HRH international good works are recognized the world over and it is important for us to acknowledge the leadership role which our Order has taken on the international stage  in the recognition and protection of human rights and dignity.   

Complimenti Altezza Reale!