19 September 2016 -- A joyous feast of San Gennaro to all confratelli and friends

9/19/16: Happy Feast of San Gennaro to all our members and friends who celebrate the solemnity of the Patron Saint of Naples and protector of all Neapolitans of the Diaspora. TRH Prince Carlo and Princess Camilla along with HRH Princess Beatrice of the Two Sicilies joined Neapolitans in the Capital to witness the Liquefication of the Blood of the Saint at the Cathedral with the Cardinal Archbishop, the Regional President of Campania and the Mayor of Naples. TRH then proceeded along the processional route to the Spaccanapoli section and the Basilica of Santa Chaira where they honored the Sovereigns of the Two Sicilies. TRH were enthusiastically welcomed by tens of thousands of joyous Neapolitans happy that the Royal Family was celebrating the greatest day of the Neapolitan calendar.