4 November 2017 HRH Princess Beatrice of the Two Sicilies and Cav. John Viola honored at NIAF Dinner

4 November 2017

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Attending the NIAF Gala accompanying HRH Princess Beatrice di Borbone of The Two Sicilies with confratelli Cav Vincent Viola, Gov Michael Steele, Amb Jim Nicholson, Dama Giosetta Capriati, Joe Schiame, Justin Morin-Carpentier, Joe DelRaso, Former Congressman Mike Ferguson and honoring the Delegate of the SMCSG who ended tonight his five year term as President and CEO of NIAF the largest and most important Italian American organization in the country.

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HRH Princess Beatrice also received the NIAF humanitarian award. Of all the presentations to the captains of industry and the arts, her remarks were the most moving and concise. HRH was the only awardee who received a standing ovation from the capacity crowd of thousands. She is an extraordinary representative of the Royal Family of the Two Sicilies.

Upcoming investiture!

Save the Date


Solemn Investiture of the US Delegation of the SM Constantinian Order of St George in the Gracious Presence of HRH Princess Beatrice di Borbone delle Due Sicilie; and presided by His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Prior of the Delegation and Archbishop Emeritus of Washington.

November 5, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Concelebrated Liturgy at the Cathedral of St Matthew the Apostle, Washington, DC.

All members of the Order and guests invited to attend. Church Mantle to be worn.

All Clergy of Order or guests wishing to participate should advise Chancellor in advance.

All members of Pontifical Orders, Order of Malta, EOHS, recognized Legitimate Dynastic Orders and recognized Chivalric Orders are invited to participate in the ceremony.

The itinerary for the public Order events during the time of the Royal Visit of HRH Princess Beatrice di Borbone delle Due Sicilie, Grand Prefect, to Washington has been released. Events will include participation in the Annual NIAF Gala on November 4th and the Investiture of the Order and Benefit Dinner on the 5th.

Members who are on the Order's email notification have been apprised. It will also be posted on the Order's official US Website.

The Investiture is open for participation by members of the Pontifical Orders, the SMOM, EOHS and other recognized Dynastic Orders. Please advise on the above email of your participation.

All members are reminded to submit all nominations for prospective Postulants for the November 5th Investiture no later than Monday, October 16th to:


Direct all information to the above.

25 September 2017 H.R.H. Princess Maria Chiara granted style of Duchess of Noto

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9/24/17:  HRH Princess Maria Chiara of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, Duchess of Capri, has been accorded the additional title of Duchess of Noto, by HRH Prince Carlo di Borbone, Head of the Royal House of the Two Sicilies during an official visit to the City of Noto with the Royal Family.  The announcement is consistent with the historic tradition of the Royal Family in according the Dukedom of Noto,  which is within the right of the Head of the Family, next prince or princess of the blood to the heir to the crown.  HRH Princess Maria Chiara is the youngest child of TRH and sister of the Hereditary Princess, Maria Carolina, Duchess of Calabria & Palermo.  

HRH is now Duchess of  Noto and Capri.

16 September 2017 Mass For The Feast of San Gennaro

MASS FOR THE FEAST OF ST. GENNARO - September 16, 2017 @ 11 AM.

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Members of our Order and that of the Royal Order of Francis I are requested to attend the annual Solemn Votive Mass of San Gennaro at the National Shrine of St Gennaro, the Church of the Most Precious Blood, 113 Baxter Street, Little Italy, NYC. Church Mantle for either Order SHALL be worn.

San Gennaoro, the first Bishop of Naples and one of the city's Patrons is the Spiritual Protector of all Neapolitans and the Neapolitan Diaspora. When King Carlo di Borbone freed Naples and Sicily from foreign domination and declared it a sovereign nation, one of his first acts was to create the Order of St. Gennaro as the highest Order of Chivalry of the Two Sicilies. It remains the pre-eminent order of the Two Sicilies and the Royal Family today. 

This is our National Feast Day.

9/12/17: Exaltation of the Holy Cross


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Mandatory Mass Observance for all members of the SMCSG. It commemorates the finding of the True Cross by St. Empress Helen (the mother of St. Emperor Constantine the Great).  
Members in NYC may attend Mass at 2 PM in celebration of the Bestowal of the Pallium on Cardinal Tobin at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Newark. SMCSG CHURCH MANTLE WILL NOT BE WORN.

Or, attend a Solemn Evening Prayer Service and Sung Vespers with our sisters and brothers of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre at 6 PM at the Church of Our Savior, 38th Street and Park Avenue, NYC. SMCSG and F I Members SHALL WEAR CHURCH MANTLE to the EVENING PRAYER.

4 July 2017 -- Warm Wishes on Independence Day!

Our Prior and Delegate extend their warmest best wishes to all our members on a Happy Independence Day - July 4th.  May all spend time with family and friends as we reflect on the contributions of so many to the creation and maintenance of the ideals of freedom since 1776.  We especially recall the  the sacrifices  of men and women in the armed services who have defended our way of life and continue to do so.  


May St George our Patron continue to Bless and guide our nation and all our peoples.  

1 July 2017 -- Happy Canada Day!


The Delegation extends it best wishes  today to our members who reside in Canada on the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada.  

The "true North strong and free" is an example of progress, stability, civility and reconciliation of cultures.  May Canada and Canadians be blessed for ever by the intercession of St George our Patron.

Joyeuse fête du Canada!  Happy Canada Day!



29 June 2017 -- Delegation Congratulates HE Count Agostino Borromeo on Appointment


The Delegation congratulates our confratello, HE Count Agostino Borromeo,  General Governor of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher on his appointment as a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Gregory the Great by the Holy Father.  Count Borromeo is also a Knight of the Order of St Gennaro and a Knight Grand Gross of our  Sacred Order.  We thank him for his stewardship of our companion  Order of the EOHS and wish him all good health and happiness on his retirement.

22 June 2017 -- Order Chancellor Joins SMOM For Order Feast

6/22/17: Representing our Order as Chancellor, H.E. Sig. Cav. Pasquale Menna will be joining the NJ members of the Knights and Dames as well as Auxiliaries of the SMOM at the Mass for the Feast of St John the Baptist on June 24th at the Church of St Margaret in Spring Lake NJ followed by Dinner at the Spring Lake Country Club. Our Order joins the Knights and Dames of Malta on the great patronal day of St John.

5 June 2017 -- Save the Date! Closing Procession for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

6/5/17: Save the Date: The Annual Closing Procession for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel at OL of Mt Carmel Parish and the Procession through the Ironbound Neighborhood in Newark shall be held at 5 PM July 16th, 2017. The Order shall participate as escort. Liturgy shall be in English. Principal Celebrant shall be HE the Most Rev. Bernard Hebda, Archbishop of Minneapolis-St Paul, former Co_adjutor Archbishop of Newark. Details will follow. Let us have a great turnout to welcome back Archbishop Hebda!

5 June 2017 -- Remembering Neapolitan Composer, Giovanni Paisiello

6/5/17: Remembering with gratitude the service to humanity of Giovanni Paisiello, proud Neapolitan composer of 94 operas and church anthems who returned to Heaven on this day in 1816. He wrote the original "barbiere di Seviglia" from the one that is better known today. His most enduring legacy is the inspiring, graceful, moving "Inno al Re" - the King's Hymn - the National Anthem of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The "Inno al Re" is played on a regular basis in the area of the Two Sicilies today as an expression of regional pride and to honor the rebirth of the Two Sicilies identity. 

It is generally played in the presence of members of the Royal Family of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and at ceremonies and investitures of the SM Constantinian Order of St George. The Delegate, as representative of the Head of the Royal House, may also be greeted with the Anthem.

1 April 2017 -- In Memory of Blessed Emperor Karl of Austria-Hungary

4/1/2017: Members of the Delegation and friends are requested to pause today and offer a silent prayer on the anniversary of the death today in 1922 of Blessed Emperor Karl of Austria-Hungary, the Peace Emperor of World War I.

"Almighty Father, you predestined Karl to be King and Father of many peoples. He lived his life in faithful submission to Your Divine Will. May he be raised to the Altar of Your Saints for evermore. May his life example inspire us all to be faithful stewards of Your creation and advocates for peace and reconciliation on earth. Blessed Emperor Karl, Pray for us."

The Emperor of Austria and Apostolic King of Hungary was Beatified by St. Pope John Paul II.